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To be announced πŸ‘€β€‹

Integration Trend & Tech Talk πŸ‘“ 

How ERP systems are changing and the impact to Ecommerce integration.

Fredrik Sætre, Microsoft

Partner Program, Sales and Marketing activities πŸ‘”

Learn how to optimize your partnership with Dynamicweb. In this session we will go through the details of the new partner agreement covering commission rates, certification requirements, bonus model and activity schemes etc.

Brede Bjerke, Dynamicweb




Rapido: Introduction πŸ‘”

Jennifer Johansen, Dynamicweb

Introduction to Integration Framework 2.0 πŸ‘“

Learn how the Dynamicweb Integration Framework 2.0 opens the door to a faster time-to-market through many new standard requests and improved integration workflows.

Dan Kristensen & Dmitriy Beniuk, Dynamicweb

Websites of tomorrow: PWA, BLE and IoT combined πŸ‘“ 

How far can we get using only our web browser on our phone? Let us build a PWA that allows you to scan a barcode to purchase an item, send the order to an automated warehouse and pick it up using BLE as authentication.

Søren Heide Larsen, Norriq


Lunch (in the Restaurant)​


Rapido: The latest and greatest​  πŸ‘”

Rapdio introduces a new world of configurable content! We’ll create a landing page and demonstrate all the new design options – including the latest additions in Rapido 3 (video, pop-up, carrousel etc.)

Jennifer Johansen, Dynamicweb

BC integration & Extensibility πŸ‘“

Dan Kristensen Hørlyck & Dmitriy Beniuk, Dynamicweb

Partner enablement and consulting πŸ‘”

Brede Bjerke, Dynamicweb




Back to the past: Rapido to Paper​ πŸ‘“

Søren Jensen, Dynamicweb

Debug and performance issues πŸ‘“

Nicolai Høeg Pedersen & Jeppe Eriksson Agger, Dynamicweb

How to do a perfect demo πŸ‘”​

Brede Bjerke & Nicolai Gosvig, Dynamicweb




Rapido beyond the checkbox!​ πŸ‘” 

While Rapido has a wide breadth of features, not all projects will fall 100% within the out-of-the-box Rapido functionality. This session will take you through two projects where Rapido was customized using best practices and guidelines to blocks and components, while maintaining upgradability. 

 Nuno Aguiar, Dynamicweb US

Test Driven Integration (TDI) πŸ‘“

If you do any ERP integration development, this session is for you. We will present a Test-Driven Integration (TDI) framework, tools, and process to create a test-first way for integration development. It’s easy enough to implement quickly, and powerful enough to meet the most challenging needs.

Scott Forsyth, Shawn Tehini & Carolee Schuck, Dynamicweb US

Dynamicweb Cross Platform Mobile APP​ πŸ‘“

Mobile apps are becoming the main outlets for online retail, customer loyalty and retention are the key drivers to have them. Find out how Dynamicweb extends to a CrossPlatfrom mobile App. Hear a case study of Dynamicweb implementation with Mobile app in Retail industry.

Samir Lalani, & Puspak Patro, Dynamicweb APAC




One integration framework to rule them all! πŸ‘“

  • Can we solve all major ecommerce integration problems with one connector?
  • How is your data doing? 
  • What processes do we need to think about?
  • The main artery, connecting your ERP, PIM and Web solutions.

Arnór Geir Halldórsson, Advania

Gamification and Ecommerce πŸ‘”β€‹

Andreas Fabricius, LeadFamly




🍻 πŸŽ³ Networking, bowling & beers at Aarhus Bowling🎳🍻




Dinner, awards​ and entertainment







Breakfast & coffee


The Rise of Product Information Management (PIM)​ πŸ‘”

A walkthrough of the why, what and how of PIM, visiting:

  • Why PIM has become a necessity in the self-service age?
  • What does PIM mean in digital experience, customer experience and product experience management?
  • How do you start small and win big with PIM?

Henrik Gabs Liliendahl, Product Data Lake

Hey Google, how do you develop this?​ πŸ‘“

As a long time Dynamicweb developer, Mário Santos knows Dynamicweb and Rapido! Mário, along with Nuno Aguiar will create a two-way discussion on best practices on Dynamicweb and Rapido. They will present many tips and tricks that have made them successful in this space. It’s like ‘life hacks’ for developers.

Mário Santos & Nuno Aguiar, Dynamicweb US


Cloud - operations and monitoring πŸ‘“

Get an introduction to Dynamicweb Cloud and the monitoring tool for partners. Topics to run through: 

  • Azure vs. DW Cloud
  • Data security
  • Data quality monitoring

Claus Glavind, Dynamicweb




What is PIM and how do you sell it?​ πŸ‘”

Get an overview of the usual business challenges related to PIM sales. Learn how to identify processes, user interactions and data disciplines in a sales point of view - and be introduced to Dynamicweb DEMO as a tool.

Søren Jensen, Dynamicweb

View engine, product catalogue and web API πŸ‘“

Introduction to the new Product Catalog app, the new Product View Model and Product Catalog web API.

Nicolai Høeg Pedersen & Martin Vang, Dynamicweb​





How to implement a PIM project​ πŸ‘“

Are you considering implementing a Product Information Management project? Get an introduction the Dynamicweb PIM 5 step implementation process, and learn what you should be mindful of during the process.

Jonas Faaborg, Dynamicweb

Content Builder πŸ‘“

  • Set up
  • Implementation
  • Demo

Nicolai Høeg Pedersen & Jeppe Eriksson Agger, Dynamicweb


Dynamicweb Marketing AI  πŸ‘“

Explore how AI is driving conversion in Dynamicweb, with Search AI, Chatbot, and recommendation engine are some of the key features Dynamciweb customer use to increase revenue.

Shiwanka Chathuranga & Puspak Patro, Dynamicweb APAC


Lunch (in the Restaurant)​


How and why to use PIM Channels πŸ‘“

  • What are the Channels & Feeds used for?
  • Benefits of using PIM Distribution Channels
  • Live demo of using InDesign/EasyCatalog through PIM Channels

Søren Jensen, Dynamicweb

Rapido Sounding Board 

Influence the Rapido roadmap! Let’s discuss new ways of building content in Rapido and work with extensibility! Share all your ideas and future features requests.

Nicolai Høeg Pedersen & Jennifer Johansen, Dynamicweb





Data in and out of Dynamicweb PIM πŸ‘“

Learn how to utilize integration to external data-sources and be introduced to the new Channels concept in Dynamicweb PIM - and how to use it.)

Søren Jensen, Dynamicweb

Dynamicweb Sounding Board​

Your chance(!) to present your feature requests in an open forum to influence the roadmap for the Dynamicweb platform.

Nicolai Høeg Pedersen, Dynamicweb


Unified Commerce and LS Central πŸ‘“

To compete in today’s fast-moving retail landscape, a retailer must be able to keep up with customers. But how can you know your customers’ preferences and habits, if the tools you use don’t support that visibility?

Andrej Zajec, LS Retail




 πŸ’₯45 Dynamicweb features in 30 minutes πŸ’₯
It's a classic - you know it!

Nicolai Høeg Pedersen, Dynamicweb


MVP Awards 


Networking and goodbye beers