Summit 2020

Here's all the Dynamicweb knowledge that were planned to be shared at Summit 2020. 

Watch the recordings below đź‘‡

The new visual content builder

Get an update on the development of the new visual content builder.


Ecommerce Search Optimization

Discover new tools such as synonyms, spelling checker, and plural searches.



Ecommerce Implementation Models

A technical webinar about the newest Ecommerce tools in Dynamiweb 9.8.

Visual Rapido Content Model

Get an overview of all the newest features and improvements in Rapido 3.3.

Data in and out of Dynamicweb PIM 

How to work with data in PIM, and an introduction to the new Channel concept.



Publishing to PDF & Print with PIM

Discover how Dynamicweb PIM makes it easy to use ERP data for printing formats.



How to implement a PIM project​​

Learn about the Dynamicweb PIM 5 step implementation process.



LS Retail & Dynamicweb​

Discover the easy product journey with LS Retail and Dynamicweb. 



Email Automation â€‹in Dynamicweb

Email Automation can help you create campaign flows easily. Learn how to do it.



Integration Framework 2.0 â€‹

See the new framework features in Dynamicweb 9.8 in action and hear what is coming.



BC Integration & Extensibility​​

A showcase of customer-specific discounting and other features of our BC integration.



What is Rapido and its concept?

Get a demonstration some of the different functionalities in Rapido



How to do a perfect demo

Learn the sales process and get ideas on how you can optimize selling Dynamicweb. 



Dynamicweb Analytics & Insights​

Understand the new statistics feature of Dynamicweb - compared with other analytics.



Why PIM and how do you sell it? â€‹

Get an overview of the usual business challenges related to PIM sales. 



Cloud - operations and monitoring

Get an introduction to Dynamicweb Cloud and the monitoring tool for partners.