Dynamicweb Solutions of the Year 2019/20

Help us pay tribute to the best Dynamicweb B2B and B2C solution of the year. The winners will be announced on stage at the Dynamicweb Summit 2020.

The B2B candidates

Solution type
Advania Ísland

Implementing self-service equipment purchases for employees.


Easy access to spare parts from the leading supplier of HVAC solution from global leader Dantherm Group.


B2B site with courses, hardware and software products available as rent, purchase or subscription.

Frellsen Kaffe og Chokolade

A modern webplatform and a strong, scalable foundation is ready to digitize Frellsen.


Three different webshops, two separate PIM warehouses and three languages – all within the same web solution.

Millarco International A/S

Website, B2B portal and Outletshop with AX and Dynamicweb PIM, 3.000 products and 1525 retailers in 16 countries

TuinVisie B.V.

B2B PIM portal with 3000 customer specific and customized products


Replacing the old Navision-based customer portal with a responsive and user-friendly Sales/trading platform.

The B2C candidates

Solution type

New ecommerce solution with AX and PIM, 17.000 SKUs in webshop, 40.000 SKUs in total


B2C ecommerce and digital marketing with tailored product pages for presenting beautiful products and delivering brand value.

Illums Bolighus

A supercharged B2C retailer with thousands of products and endless traffic capacity

Innovation Living

A global brand site with PIM and 3D visualization

IPA Beslag

Website, B2B webshop and B2C webshop with AS400 integration, 2600 products and 615 retailers

Legobudin.is LEGOSTORE

B2C webshop implementation with a concurrent LS Retail implementation. Using LS Omni and DW LS Retail Integration. 600 products and 32 themes from LEGO.


S4S operates three ecommerce shops under one instance of Dynamicweb with live prices and stock checks to NAV.

Svendsen Sport A/S

Content and fan site for Savage Gear users across the globe, featuring their product catalogue, tips & tricks, fishing competitions and much more.

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