Dynamicweb Solutions of the Year 2018

Help us pay tribute to the best Dynamicweb B2B and B2C ecommerce solution of the year. Pick you favorites and vote before October 3rd. The winners will be announced at the Dynamicweb Summit 2018.

Voting is closed!

The winners will be announced at the Dynamicweb Summit 2018.

The B2C candidates


B2C ecommerce with integration to Dynamics AX and Solr Search Server.

International School Twente

Marketing automation in an international B2C solution environment.

Outfit International A/S

One platform. Two brands. 11 ecommerce sites. Improving the brand experience.


B2C ecommerce and PIM solution for optimizing sales processes.


ROI in just one year with an integrated solution for product marketing.


Fully integrated B2B and B2C solution with enhanced product information.

Viking Outdoor Footwear AS

B2C ecommerce solution for selling outdoor footwear to the global market.


B2C ecommerce increase sales though enhanced customer experience.

The B2B candidates


B2B / B2C ecommerce portal with Dynamics AX intgeration, 7,000 SKU’s and 7,000 users.


3 B2B distribution companies, 3 website integrations, 1 Dynamics NAV.

Domino Systems

B2B ecommerce with enhanced product catalog, CTAs and email marketing.


B2B ecommerce with complex price differentiation and customer purchase solutions.

H-Vinduet Fjerdingstad AS

B2B ecommerce with Microsoft Dynamics AX and product configuration.


Corporate website and B2B ecommerce with Dynamicweb PIM.

Kjær & Sommerfeldt B2B

B2B ecommerce portal with integration to Dynamics NAV and Perfion PIM.


B2B ecommerce portal for simplifying complex selling supporting dealers.


B2B ecommerce solution with product configuration and Perfion PIM.


B2B portal with AX integration, 7,000 products and 2,500 final customers in one platform.


B2B ecommerce and self-service portal for supporting dealers and customers.

Uno-X Lubrication

B2B ecommerce with lab analysis, mobile scan search and Visma integration.