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Registration & breakfast





Rapido from A-Z + Become Rapido partner ๐Ÿ‘”โ€‹

Get a conceptual introduction to Rapido and the thoughts around the implementation methodology. You’ll also get a high level demo and be introduced for our new Rapido Partner Program.

Jennifer Johansen & Christian Beer, Dynamicweb

User Management, Permissions and Impersonations ๐Ÿ‘“ 

Working with user types and roles and utilizing them in the new Permission model.

Nicolai Pedersen, Dynamicweb

Deployment and Cloud ๐Ÿ‘“ 

Get an introduction to Dynamicweb Cloud and the new monitoring features in release 9.5 + a demo on how to use Deployment for development, staging and Live sites.

Claus Glavind, Dynamicweb




Rapido workshop 1: Configuration and Design

How to configure a new ecommerce website from scratch in Rapido! We’ll go through all the important design configuration options and work with the product catalog.

Jennifer Johansen, Dynamicweb

The Near and Far Future of Customer Serviceโ€‹ ๐Ÿ‘”

Self-service is a relic. The future brings chatbots, virtual interactive video, and smart-contract driven projects.

Richard Lee, Dynamicweb North America

Introduction to Integration Framework 2.0 ๐Ÿ‘“

Learn how the Dynamicweb Integration Framework 2.0 opens the door to a faster time-to-market through many new standard requests and improved integration workflows.

Dan Kristensen, Dynamicweb


Lunch (Centralværkstedet)โ€‹


Rapido workshop2: Configuration and building Content

Rapdio introduces a new world of configurable content! We’ll create a landing page and demonstrate all the new design options – including the latest additions in Rapido 3 (video, pop-up, carrousel etc.)

Jennifer Johansen, Dynamicweb

Making your day easier – automating DEV to Production ๐Ÿ‘“

We’ll start with a solution based on Rapido and see how we can set up a continuous process from your work machine all the way to production. We’ll go over build processes for frontend, using NuGet packages, getting and using Dynamicweb source code, continuous integration and deployment.

Jeppe Eriksson Agger, Dynamicweb

Partner Program, Sales and Marketing activities ๐Ÿ‘”

Learn how to optimize your partnership with Dynamicweb. In this session we will go through the details of the new partner agreement covering commission rates, certification requirements, bonus model and activity schemes etc.

Brede Bjerke, Dynamicweb




Rapido workshop3: When configuration is not enoughโ€‹ ๐Ÿ‘“

Learn how to develop Javascript and template customizations in Rapido using the Rapido extensibility framework.

Karsten Thuen & Nicolai Pedersen, Dynamicweb

How Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Tech Will Disrupt Ecommerce ๐Ÿ‘”

How online TRUST has been damaged due to hacking and how Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology will rescue ecommerce from diminished trust while optimizing the features we have come to rely on. 

Richard Lee, Dynamicweb North America





Selling and scoping Rapido ๐Ÿ‘” 

Learn how to position, sell and scope with Rapido. The workshop will cover the process from first customer meeting, to quoting,  workshop, solution description and customer acceptance.

Christian Beer & Jesper Nordestgaard, Dynamicweb

Boosting website to 100% Google page speed ๐Ÿ‘“

Tips and tricks to configuring Dynamicweb and website to get to 100% GPS.

Nicolai Pedersen, Dynamicweb

Integration sounding boardโ€‹ ๐Ÿ‘“

We dream of connecting to any (product) data feed, transform it and map it into Dynamicweb. Dreaming is one thing – real life another. Help us understand the real life integration & transformation scenarios you meet every day. Also, join to impact our thoughts on D365 Business Central, OData and Commerce Runtime (D365 Retail). 

Dan Kristensen, Dynamicweb




Rapido sounding boardโ€‹

Influence the Rapido roadmap! Let’s discuss new ways of building content in Rapido and work with extensibility! Share all your ideas and future features requests.

Jennifer Johansen & Nicolai Pedersen, Dynamicweb

PIM as a discipline (understand, scope, sell)โ€‹

Get an overview of the usual business challenges related to PIM sales. Learn how to identify processes, user interactions and data disciplines in a sales point of view - and be introduced to Dynamicweb DEMO as a tool. 

Søren Jensen & Tonny Greiner, Dynamicweb

Support and Cloud sounding boardโ€‹

How may we help you? Dynamicweb support invite you to share your best ideas to improve our partner support offering. Influence the Cloud and Monitoring roadmap by discussing new features and inputs.

Claus Glavind, Dynamicweb


๐Ÿป Networking & (Hostnordic) beers (Smedien) ๐Ÿป


Welcome, dinner, awardsโ€‹ and entertainment (Centralværkstedet)







Breakfast and coffee


PIM Analysis & Implementation processโ€‹

Learn how to analyze customer data and organization. Use the Dynamicweb framework as a tool for your PIM project, and introduce processes and disciplines for the customer.

Søren Jensen & Morten Brøndal Mörck, Dynamicweb

LS Retail and Dynamicweb - Finally, a true unified commerce solution ๐Ÿ‘”

Unified commerce is set to become a top priority for retailers in 2018 and beyond. Join us for this session to learn more about the LS Retail and Dynamicweb unified commerce solution, and how it can help you build a thriving retail business which is fit for tomorrow’s customer. 

Kristjan Johannsson, LS Retail

Templates, View Models and VS Intellisense ๐Ÿ‘“

Hands-on demo on how to setup VS for Intellisense in templates and use of Viewmodels.

Nicolai Pedersen, Dynamicweb




Enrich, validate and setup workflows in Dynamicweb PIM

Learn how to use Dynamicweb PIM - including queries, overview of products, various enrichment features, and general best practice Dynamicweb PIM usage.

Søren Jensen, Dynamicweb

Hands on: The Product Journey through LS Retail & Dynamicweb โ€‹

Follow the product as it journeys through LS Retail, through Dynamicweb PIM, to external market places and channels – all the way through to click-and-collect and POS.

Dan Kristensen & Brede Bjerke, Dynamicweb

Ecommerce view engine and web APIโ€‹ ๐Ÿ‘“

Introduction to the new Product Catalog app, the new Product View Model and Product Catalog web API.

Martin Vang & Nicolai Pedersen, Dynamicweb




Utilize import / export channels in Dynamicweb PIM ๐Ÿ‘“

Learn how to utilize integration to external data-sources and be introduced to the new Channels concept in Dynamicweb PIM - and how to use it.

Søren Jensen & Steffen Kruse Hansen, Dynamicweb

Utilizing LS Retail & Dynamicweb: The Potomac customer cases ๐Ÿ‘”

Pioneer work on promoting global e-commerce platform in emerging countries. Why did we chose Dynamicweb as partner and our experience on implementing for Croata e-commerce platform (Case study).

Nermin Montel, DignetSoftware

General roadmap sounding boardโ€‹

Your chance(!) to present your feature requests in an open forum to influence the roadmap for the Dynamicweb platform. 

Nicolai Pedersen, Dynamicweb


Lunch (Centralværkstedet)


Are you relevant across your digital touchpoints?

Each digital touchpoint represents an opportunity for online businesses. Today, online businesses are selling customer journeys – not stand-alone products. Utilize the synergies between Dynamicweb + Raptor and become relevant across the most important touchpoints.

Jonas Skytte Madsen, RaptorRaptor Services A/S

45 Dynamicweb features in 45 minutesโ€‹

It's a classic - you know it!

Nicolai Pedersen, Dynamicweb




Keynote: How to win with marketplaces + how KABOOKI works with Amazon to sell LEGO® Wearโ€‹ ๐Ÿ‘”

Marketplaces is extremely hot at the moment, and many companies are reviewing their strategies, particulary in the Nordics. This session will give you insights into why Marketplaces will continue to win in the coming years, but it will also give you tips and tricks to be successful on and off the marketplaces. 

Birgitte Holgaard Langer, Kabooki, LEGO® Wear & Toke Lund, Novicell


Networking and goodbye beers